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Multiple Hoops Conch Ear Cuff

Multiple Hoops Conch Ear Cuff

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Conch ear cuff with five hoops that look like multiple ear piercings. Each cuff is handmade for each order. This cuff is worn on the middle of the ear (conch) and does not require a piercing: slide the opening down into place, and it will hug the ear. Each cuff is handmade with a wire that is carefully molded into shape. This cuff is sturdy with some flexibility for comfort.

Width: approximately a half inch with a small opening.
Length: .75” - 1" approximately

To wear: slide the opening down along the ear into the middle of the ear (conch). To remove, slide up, and off.

- Sterling Silver
- 14k Gold Filled

Type: Handmade, made-to-order, ear cuff.

Includes a gift box and polishing cloth.

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